Our latest crowdfunding film went LIVE last night! You can check out more about this awesome new hovering product over on Indiegogo here. The HUV is a great way to display your most prized possessions, using Mag Lev technology, you can hover objects on it's display disk. The team behind this futuristic device are from New York. They flew out to our home base in Chico, California for this two day film shoot. We used local actors and local spots to craft the HUV story and everything went so smoothly! 

HUGE thanks to the following businesses who graciously let us use their space for this short film production! Each spot fit just perfect, and we were excited to feature some of our favorite local spots throughout the film.


Raw Bar

Harris Commercial Real Estate Services 

Pierce Hutler

Also thanks to our awesome local actors, Josiah & Emily! You two are so great to work with every time, make our jobs easy!

Check out the HUV film above and if you like what you see, support them over on Indiegogo! To see more of our Kickstarter, Indiegogo and other Crowdfunding Films, head here!



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