This past week we had the privilege of producing a film with my own dad! Over the last year, Neighborhood church has been bringing influential teachers from the Chico community in to speak to the congregation. Working their way up through Church history, Neighborhood has brought in pastors and priests from a variety of Christian denominations. It is so easy to get caught up in your own way and forget that we're all really on the same team. In an effort to better unify the greater Church of Chico, Neighborhood has been honoring these pastors and priests who love Jesus and love the city of Chico. One way Neighborhood has been honoring these individuals is providing them with an "intro" video of sorts, to introduce them before they go on stage to speak. The hopes is that these men can use these short yet powerful films on their websites or in their future ministry. Neighborhood doesn't have an official name for this series (that I know of), so I'm calling it The Chico Unite Series.

At TréCreative we LOVE telling people's stories. It is so fun to meet someone and try to capture who they are through the lenses of our cameras. Whether it's photography or videography, we want this storytelling needs to always be our focus. This past week we had the honor of interviewing my own father about his life and ministry. What a blessing it was to sit down and hear his heart about why he does what he does. 

If you missed the other segments of this series, check them out below! If you're interested in hearing the sermons these men preached at Neighborhood, check out the NCChico Podcast HERE.

Thanks for watching :)

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