We have done many documentary style videos for clients, but this one will always stand out from the rest for me because of the music. Decades is a band from Chico California. They specialize in playing and singing hits from all across the decades. Their “theater show” is different from their traditional concerts because it incorporates hilarious theatrical elements as they guide the audience through the evolution of music over the years. They start in the 40’s and work their way up to modern day covers.

During the course of this project we were able to hear just about every hit you can think of, and let me tell you, they rock them all. Each member of the band can play multiple instruments and thus are able to switch rolls on the fly in order to accommodate each cover. If you closed your eyes, it’s hard to tell the difference between these guys and the real thing, it’s incredible. For this documentary style shoot we shot the whole theater show from multiple angles, then created this highlight reel for their talent manager to send out to promote the show to new venues.

We had a lot of fun putting this one together, with my favorite moments being behind the camera interviewing the band. I found myself being inspired, as a creative, by their zeal to create an amazing audience experience through creativity.

Creativity has many mediums. We believe that every creative or artist can learn and draw inspiration from another. Enjoy the sounds of Decades in their promotional film below.