Shooting this ENGO film was a blast! We had so many different actors involved it took a lot of planning to ensure we had all the shots we needed to communicate all the features of this sweet little device. ENGO is your entertainment on the go! It's a bluetooth speaker with some features never before seen paired together! Our favorite is the wireless charging for Samsung phones. Very cool technology and it's awesome to see it becoming available in products like this!

To really emphasize all the different features for their upcoming Indiegogo campaign, we let a voiceover carry the visuals while also implementing our signature graphic overlays to really accentuate certain features. The founders behind the ENGO are from another country so they opted to mail the product in to Chico for us to film with it here. We love filming in Chico because we have so many connections and locations to choose from. You'll notice the iconic TréCrib (our house) is featured towards the beginning of the film.  That stunning Stikwood wall and editson bulb combo seems to make it's way into many of our films these days, love that!

And here's some behind the scenes from this action packed shoot!