Let’s face it, babies are they cutest.

If you had one in your life, you’ve probably experienced this more times than most…

You're out and public and someone stops you to make googly eyes at your little person in your stroller. I know we’re all guilty of it. Well, Moby Wrap is all about making that experience more enjoyable for your little one, by having him or her snuggled against your chest. Letting them see people on their level, and watch the world around them from a superior perspective.

There are other great benefits of keeping your cutie on you at all times too! Like, aiding in your child’s early development, both physically and emotionally, all while increasing your parental bond. It also can even early language development, who knew?!?

Those are some of the many reasons we were excited to partner with Moby Wrap to help them put together this online promotional video production. We were surprised that this nationally known brand was started right here in Chico, California. We love how Chico feels like a "small town" yet large companies and brands choose call it home like Build.com, Klean Kanteen, Sierra Nevada, Chrome Bags, Fifth Sun and the list goes on!

This video was a blast to make. It’s a well known stigma that babies and cameras don’t mix well, however, our experience could not have been better. Working with these little actors really lifted our spirits and filled us with joy. We love this product, and definitely will be picking one up once we start our own family.

Thank you to everyone else who helped make this film come to life. We had tons of moms and dads, babies and a small crew help out to make this local video production a reality. Everyone's efforts paid off and we’re happy to present the Moby Wrap film below. This film will eventually live on the Moby Wrap website and will play on in-store kiosks, providing a quick overview of the product, as well as showing how the wraps are worn.