We love when we get to use our filmmaking to tell a business story like this! North Rim CrossFit is hands down the best CrossFit gym in Chico. CrossFit, if you haven't already heard of already, is many things to many people. It's a competitive sport, a fitness regimen, a communal lifestyle of fitness enthusiasts. The workouts are intense and quick, you feel like you're going to die at times but nothing beats the feeling of finishing a workout! Chelsey and I have been going to North Rim Crossfit here in Chico for the past few months and have been talking with the owner Ryan for quite some time about making them a film! We're proud to finally show you this video it seems we've been talking about and working on for so long!

We've been doing a ton of these business promotional films lately and we have so many that close to being completed, yet still waiting for those last minute touches. It's been hard to keep them all secret...we promise we'll share more of these Chico local business promotional films soon!


Couldn't get enough of this little pug! Ryan's dog Rouge is basically the mascot for North Rim, and he's the coolest! We could have made a whole film about him too :D


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