Before wedding videography and photography season goes into full swing I've had the pleasure of creating weekly promotional videos for Boards on Nord, aka, one of the leading online longboard and skateboard retailers. Below are some of the short promotional videos we have made for their YouTube channel. The top one is my favorite for sure! Oscar and I had a blast taking out the short Penny board and getting creative with it. I even did a little vintage-inspired color grade to add to the retro feel of the film. The films are super short and we don't have much time to film them, so it's crucial we plan ahead to get the shots we need to accurately show off the product. I'm taking a break from these weekly reviews in lieu of wedding videography and photography season going into full swing starting in June! Keep an eye out for Kevin&Katie's full film coming later this week!!!

Oh and here's a little BTS (behind the scenes) and advanced steadicam technique video of me filming in action! Thanks for watching :)