One of the best things about living in Northern California, specially Chico, is all of the local and fresh produce, rice, and other crops that you can pick up almost anywhere. The agriculture industry is alive and well here in Northern California and we love it!

We especially enjoy going to the local farmers market downtown Chico to pick up one of our favorite snacks, nuts! One of the biggest names in Walnuts here in Chico is Andersen & Sons Shelling. They are a family owned walnut processing facility that helps many growers in the area process their nuts. They also have their own branded product which you can find in stores all over the nation and world. They recently reached out to use to help them tell their story of family legacy and growth through video. The concept of the film was to show the “life of a walnut” from planting, to shaking, to processing, to delivering. It was an intensive film project with multiple shoot dates throughout the entire year, but seeing it all come together at the end paired with voiceover from the founder and grandfather of the Anderson family, it brought tears to everyone’s eyes as they watched.

Andersen’s is a great company, with great people and a great quality product. Working with them was an absolute honor and we are excited for future projects already in the works!