Recently a local company reached out to us with interest in making a company “about us” style commercial. That someone was Tami Faulkner, and she runs her own interior architecture and design company here in Northern California.

The promotional film was shot entirely in Tami's beautiful home where her dream and business has grown. Tami specializes in interior architecture and design and is an incredible problem solver for her clients. Her approach to defining and shaping space is thoughtful and practical, yet creative and unexpected. Being fairly new home owners ourselves, we see how Tami's skills and expertise can transform any homeowner's spatial ailments. Tami is able to come in and show someone not only about decorating but more importantly how to functionally live well in your space.

We created two short films for Tami. The first was her longer promotional piece below where she shared her heart and about her story. The second was a shorter clip to go on her website to promote the educational side of her business where she helps other interior designers learn the process and techniques she uses.