If you're a follower of our Facebook page, you may have seen that we're in Atlanta, Georgia this week! We're on set shooting for an upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter is one of the top sites out there for crowd funding a potential project or product. The product we're shooting video for this week is seriously amazing and we have no doubt it'll have a very successful Kickstarter campaign! One of the keys to a successful Kickstarter campaign is a high quality kickstarter film to accompany the product and help excite potential customers to get fund the project. We LOVE opportunities to be a part of these crowd funding videos for startups like this. It's so inspiring to be surrounded by the people who are changing our future with new and exciting technology!


We know, you're probably wondering what this special product is... Well you'll have to wait to find out, more details on this "game-changer" soon! Their campaign is planned to launch May 12th, so keep an eye out on our blog or Facebook page for their finalized Kickstarter film soon!

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